Friday, November 16, 2012


last night i had the pleasure of attending fashion gala tlv by
dor chadashan event that brought the talent of ten young
israeli fashion designers to the "fashion capital of the world"-
new york. 

the night began with kosher cocktails and hors d'oeuvres [which
were delicious and plentiful] in a vip bar area.  several pairs
of shoes by designer kobi levi were displayed in glass light
boxes for guests to view up close.  

after one drink and several sushi rolls later, i headed past
dark curtains to view the main event--a runway show of five
fashion designers paired with an accessory designer of their
choice.  the gif i made [that took me way longer than it should
have] shows some of my favorite looks from the designers.  

i was particularly drawn to the common raven collection.  cohen's 
use of cutouts appealed to my taste [i did wear my donna mizani
cutout dress to the event].  they were perfectly tasteful and
added the right amount of edge to her tailored pieces.  

tamar primak's ballsy move to throw a sheer shirt on the runway
sans bra impressed me immensely and made me respect her not only
as a designer, but as an artist.  

the night ended with baked by melissa cupcakes [hundreds of them] 
and a night spent with newly made friends.  thank you tamar simon
and jonathan frenkel for letting me attend this event.  to learn
more about the designers click here, and shop their collections!

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