Saturday, November 24, 2012



or a lot of fur, rather, goes a long way.  during family bonding
time i found myself highly distracted by my laptop and the
premise of filling an imaginary shopping cart with virtual
clothing.  this is the result.  i think i subconsciously miss the
cold weather...?


the excuse that i [and many others] use in order to justify
consuming large amounts of food an alcohol while being away from
home.  today, i got my bloody mary fix at park tavern in delray
with a few relatives [hi jenny], and i enjoyed a [very large]
veggie burger.  mom had "the best eggs benedict" she's ever had. 
across from me was a wall decor that looked strikingly similar to
a piece of mine that is hanging on a brick wall in manhattan,
which you can get a better look at here.

other than eating excessively, florida is great.  i will post
cool photos i've been taking because there's really not much else
going on... since i am on vacation...where laying around and
doing nothing is perfectly acceptable.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


quick, before it's no longer thanksgiving!  okay so not to be
completely superficial, but i must thank my mother right now for
[after seeing these pictures] gifting me her vintage moschino
purse that i have 'd since day one.  also thank you dad
for taking pictures of me [i told you he'd end up being my
blogging assistant].  

oh and another thank you to h&m for creating my official go-to


yep that photo just happened [after several glasses of rosé]

thank you to everyone who reads and appreciates my blog.  it
means so much to me!  
peace & love & happy thanksgiving to all.


my life is so horrible lately.  on sunday morning my computer
wouldn't turn on.  this incident produced a domino affect of
misery when i was unable to blog about my brunch at jack's wife
freda and my latte at saturday's.  then to make matters worse, i
had to postpone my genius bar appointment because i had a flight
to florida early monday morning.  i eventually got my computer
fixed by a very nice genius in boca, but haven't had time to blog
because i've been eating unhealthy amounts and spending all of my
time at the beach.  

life is rough, but at least i'm able to update you all on it.

Friday, November 16, 2012


last night i had the pleasure of attending fashion gala tlv by
dor chadashan event that brought the talent of ten young
israeli fashion designers to the "fashion capital of the world"-
new york. 

the night began with kosher cocktails and hors d'oeuvres [which
were delicious and plentiful] in a vip bar area.  several pairs
of shoes by designer kobi levi were displayed in glass light
boxes for guests to view up close.  

after one drink and several sushi rolls later, i headed past
dark curtains to view the main event--a runway show of five
fashion designers paired with an accessory designer of their
choice.  the gif i made [that took me way longer than it should
have] shows some of my favorite looks from the designers.  

i was particularly drawn to the common raven collection.  cohen's 
use of cutouts appealed to my taste [i did wear my donna mizani
cutout dress to the event].  they were perfectly tasteful and
added the right amount of edge to her tailored pieces.  

tamar primak's ballsy move to throw a sheer shirt on the runway
sans bra impressed me immensely and made me respect her not only
as a designer, but as an artist.  

the night ended with baked by melissa cupcakes [hundreds of them] 
and a night spent with newly made friends.  thank you tamar simon
and jonathan frenkel for letting me attend this event.  to learn
more about the designers click here, and shop their collections!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


here is my art:

here is my statement:

 i am currently still experiencing a nyquil hangover so please
pardon any ill writing.  

this piece, as with all my art, is highly personal and [usually]
inspired by recent experiences.  i believe that as long as the
viewer can extract some sort of a narrative from my work, then i
have succeeded as an artist.  it is never my intention to have
the viewer read my mind, or know exactly what my art is about
[nor will i reveal that information].  as long as there is a
healthy balance between mystery and clarity in my work, then i
will be satisfied.

along with concept, i have a very particular aesthetic about my
art, and i think it looks pretty fab in my living room:


[detail shots to come]

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


as seen on my twitter, i have taken nyquil about an hour ago, so
i must write this quickly, as i am slowly drifting into my first
stage of rem.  

*5 minutes later*

i've been staring at my screen for over five
minutes and realized that i cannot make a cohesive post right
now, so let me just say that above is the beginnings of a
painting i'm working on.  i'm using gold glitter.  it's shiny. 



i've been skipping breakfast a lot lately [i know, i know that's
not good], but my body doesn't seem to be feeling hungry until
the clock strikes two.  so either my metabolism is shifting, or
my brain is subconsciously manipulating my body because it knows
that brunch is my favorite meal ever.  if it's the latter of the
two, then thanks brain! i appreciate it.  

all this meal is missing is pancakes, french toast, hot
chocolate, and a bloody mary.  but i guess i'll save that kind of
a brunch for the weekend.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


i am.  all the time.  and that won't be ending anytime soon
considering thanksgiving is slowly approaching and all i can
think about is food, food, and more food. 

tonight i made fusilli with spicy chicken sausage and peas in a 
creamy mascarpone+parmesan sauce [topped with fresh basil and
more parm].  this dish was inspired by giada's recipe here, and
it was fucking fabulous.  it was a little more hardy [fattening]
than my normal dinner choices, but clearly i am unconcerned since
i am stuffing my face.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


chocolate covered stuffed strawberries.
the result of spending all day pinning and watching food

Friday, November 9, 2012


as a continuation of my previous post, i give some simple
pairings for those of you who are n00bs to the boyfriend jean
scene.  a silk-blend tee or sweater complete this look with ease.

and of course you can throw on a pair of flats, but we all know

Thursday, November 8, 2012

YOU DON'T NEED A BOYFRIEND... wear boyfriend jeans.  seriously--they make these for
women.  if you don't already own a pair, get your ass to an urban
outfitters [or gap or h+m or bloomingdales or nordstrom or or wherever] and buy some because you're very late on
this trend.  i bought these jeans freshman year i think... yeah
like literally in 2008, and for some reason i am just now getting
a ton of compliments on them, so i've decided to put them on

these bdg bf jeans make it so easy to look effortlessly chic and
can be worn an infinite amount of ways.  today i paired them with
all of my beacon's closet finds:  sonia rykiel top, a.y. not dead
vest, and rosegold booties [yeah, i scored big time].  normally i
wear them with a cozy sweater+sneakers and look like an awkward
clown, but apparently that's in. 

anyway, skip the boyfriend and go straight to the
boyfriend jeans.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


*insert hurricane-related excuse as to why this post is being
delivered so late*

insight x revolve clothing?  well here are some of the awesome
pieces that were rewarded to me.  the bright colors and bold
patterns remind me that i do not live in sunny california and
need a tan desperately, however, i love the clothes, nonetheless 
[the bill cosby-esque sweater is probably my favorite].

thank you insight for filling my closet with your clothing, and
thank you readers for shopping this brand here.

Monday, November 5, 2012


over the summer remington approached me to write a celebrity
[yes, celebrity] blog post for their blog, remington ready.  i am
so excited for this publication and hope to get more gigs like
this in the future.  check out my full post here and stay tuned
for more spur of the moments content.  i just bought a pound of
espresso blend so the ideas should start pouring out of me in no


the last few days i've been jacked up on coffee trying to be as
artistically productive as possible after coming to the
realization that making art is really the only thing i am
qualified to be doing.  that and writing blog posts... 
wait for it...

Friday, November 2, 2012


i haven't posted about one of my favorite topics in a while--
dining [the result of being on a tight budget and living
in one of the most expensive cities in the world].  but i find it
necessary to treat oneself every once in a while, and not just
for blogging purposes.  

a long time friend of over fifteen years [wow that makes me feel
old] and i went to the smith in midtown for an afternoon snack
feast.  i couldn't resist the chicken pot pie and he couldn't
live without some ahi tuna.  after indulging we felt the need to
go for a looooong walk and ended up at barneys where i found my
dream coat that i could potentially afford if i decided to sell
one of my kidneys [strongly considering it...].

anyway, happy weekend!

Thursday, November 1, 2012


by popular demand [one person], i made a tutorial on how to make
ombre jeans [this was the original post that spurred the video]. 
i have posted the tutorial here on youtube, so as to avoid
potentially hearing my own voice every time i blog.

just two notes:

1. since i used jeggings [and not regular denim], these jeans
turned out blotchy, which i don't mind [but you might if you're

2.  apparently i am some sort of a wizard and transformed a pair
of jeggings into boyfriend jeans.  or that's just what happens
when you soak them in bleach for an hour+.  luckily i'm weird and
like the fit still [but, once again, you might not if you're

basically, if you want your jeans to be a smooth ombre and the
same shape as when you started, use a pair of regular jeans.  if
you feel like taking a risk and potentially having a disaster on
your hands, try it out with a pair of jeggings that are in a
rough condition to begin with.

okay so that is it.  feel free to post photos of your ombre
successes [or even failures] on my blog so i can at least see
that people are using this video that i worked so hard on...