Tuesday, October 30, 2012


i love discovering brands that i [and most people i know] have
never heard of.  so when i scored an extremely unique vest at
beacons closet [i'll be photographed wearing it soon for ya'll to
see!], i knew i had to find more about it's brand.  after lots of
googles and clicks, i finally gained a better understanding of
what ay not dead is

based in argentina, this brand is designed by three brothers who
draw inspiration from coco chanel, xul solar [an argentinian
artist], and rock & roll.  i feel extremely lucky to have gotten
my hands on a piece of their clothing, since [from what i can
see], ay not dead is only available at storefronts in two south
american countries and on few websites.

obtaining good finds at vintage stores is rewarding on it's own,
but when you know you've copped a pretty rare garment, it's even
more satisfying.  and not to be too dramatic, but it's things
like this that make me feel very much alive and well.

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