Tuesday, October 30, 2012


now that that whole hurricane thing is over, let me continue
documenting random things in my life.  part three of my district
of columbia adventure continues with one of my passions; interior
design.  i was welcomed into the home of lauren's aunt julie for
a delectable shrimp curry supper only to be rewarded with
unexpected spur of the moments material.  the decor of this home
immediately blew me away, and i couldn't help but photograph
every inch of it.  

julie has been collecting one-of-a-kind furnishings for years in
order to develop an authentically eclectic design.  most of her
furniture and accessories were purchased from flea markets and
antique stores, and many of them have been repurposed to serve as
something that other than their original function.  for example,
her headboard is an old gate, her bathroom mirror a vintage
fireplace mantel.  

each room has an exponential amount of character with varieties
of found objects, yet the entire home remains composed and
focused in design.   

it was truly a treat to see such a unique home and learn about
the history of each object that inhabits it.  julie's job, life,
family, and home are pretty badass, and i am so glad that
spending time at this dc residence was a part of my trip.

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  1. wow lauren really did a great job with her place