Monday, October 1, 2012


the little soiree i attended on friday [better known as the new
york film festival] was such a wonderful time.  whatever photos i
managed to take weren't the best quality, but i decided to share
them anyway.  here's how my night went:

1.  life of pi premiere at lincoln center
2.  director ang lee spoke before the film with main actor suraj sharma at his side.
3.  after party at the harvard club
4.  unlimited food, drink, and dessert [the most photogenic]
5.  took a lot of selfies [eek].  and this is bennett.
6.  lots of animal parts all over that place
7.  more pics of the harvard club
8.  i really don't know

anyway, go see life of pi when it hits theaters on november 21st. 
it was a great movie and you will all love it.