Friday, October 12, 2012


despite doubling as an art studio, my apartment remains tidy
[usually].  here are five simple organizing/cleaning tools that
will help you keep a neat home:

1.  use a magazine holder for your hair styling tools.  i drilled
mine into the wall next to my dresser, so my tools are hidden,
accessible, and easy to store.  i honestly don't know how i lived
without this.

2.  yes i am showing you a lint roller.  this bounty lint roller
is what keeps me from having white couch problems.  not only does
it pick up nasty hair/dirt/"who knows what?", but it lets off a
drier sheet scent that keeps my apartment smellin' fresh.

3.  paper organizers--cuz this girl's gotta organize her bills.

4.  boxes from ikea.  they look so nice on the outside, you would
never know that they're filled with junk.  seriously get these. 
it's a cheap and easy way to hide clutter.

5.  jars for the kitchen have made baking and cooking hassle free
[and have made my apartment that much cuter]. 

i can't believe what a difference these simple tricks have made
in maintaining my apartment.  go try them out for yourself and
see what you've been missing.

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