Wednesday, October 31, 2012


i cannot be the only one with this problem:  i buy a head of
garlic to use for a meal, need two or three cloves, and am left
with essentially an entire bulb [which usually ends up going
bad].  well tonight i put this issue to rest by making a garlic
oil.  i drizzled this over a garden salad+hummus for an easy
dinner.  this oil adds tremendous amounts of flavor with very
little effort. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


i love discovering brands that i [and most people i know] have
never heard of.  so when i scored an extremely unique vest at
beacons closet [i'll be photographed wearing it soon for ya'll to
see!], i knew i had to find more about it's brand.  after lots of
googles and clicks, i finally gained a better understanding of
what ay not dead is

based in argentina, this brand is designed by three brothers who
draw inspiration from coco chanel, xul solar [an argentinian
artist], and rock & roll.  i feel extremely lucky to have gotten
my hands on a piece of their clothing, since [from what i can
see], ay not dead is only available at storefronts in two south
american countries and on few websites.

obtaining good finds at vintage stores is rewarding on it's own,
but when you know you've copped a pretty rare garment, it's even
more satisfying.  and not to be too dramatic, but it's things
like this that make me feel very much alive and well.


especially when those people are women.  last wednesday i had the
privilege of celebrating the release of yael kohen's first book
"we killed: the rise of women in american comedy."  since i have
yet to read the book [i am going to read it], i will steal npr's

"an oral history tracing the careers and achievements of comediennes from the
past half century challenges opinions about why women cannot be effective comedic
entertainers and includes coverage of celebrities ranging from joan rivers and
lily tomlin to mary tyler moore and tina fey."

from the brief conversation i had with yael, i can tell she's a
down to earth, funny [although she claims that is unintentional],
and inspired woman.  i can't wait to get my hands on a copy of
this book, and you should all do the same [i mean, how could you
resist interviews with chelsea handler and the comedic words of
sarah silverman?].


now that that whole hurricane thing is over, let me continue
documenting random things in my life.  part three of my district
of columbia adventure continues with one of my passions; interior
design.  i was welcomed into the home of lauren's aunt julie for
a delectable shrimp curry supper only to be rewarded with
unexpected spur of the moments material.  the decor of this home
immediately blew me away, and i couldn't help but photograph
every inch of it.  

julie has been collecting one-of-a-kind furnishings for years in
order to develop an authentically eclectic design.  most of her
furniture and accessories were purchased from flea markets and
antique stores, and many of them have been repurposed to serve as
something that other than their original function.  for example,
her headboard is an old gate, her bathroom mirror a vintage
fireplace mantel.  

each room has an exponential amount of character with varieties
of found objects, yet the entire home remains composed and
focused in design.   

it was truly a treat to see such a unique home and learn about
the history of each object that inhabits it.  julie's job, life,
family, and home are pretty badass, and i am so glad that
spending time at this dc residence was a part of my trip.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


in with the used.  

trading clothes at vintage stores that don't fuck around is the
way to go.  i shlepped to beacon's closet in brooklyn to rid
myself of some unnecessary clothing only to reward myself with
more unnecessary clothing [that i will be sure to put to good
use].  my "purchases" will be photographed in full attire next
week for all of your beautiful eyes to see.  for now, have a fun
halloween and don't get blown away by the frankenstorm!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


with extra crunchy peanut butter and blackberry preserves.  i
don't think i'll ever eat a normal peanut butter and jelly
sandwich again.


dear god i am so disappointed in myself for using a charlie sheen
twitter reference [for the first time, might i add], but it was
the only title suitable for this post.  

here's why:  i entered insight clothing's "caption contest" on
facebook by inventing a caption for a picture from their
lookbook.  it involved some ridiculous story about partying with
charlie sheen, and that won me the grand prize of a goodie bag
filled with free shit [this was that exciting news from a week or
so ago].

once my interns [friends who volunteered] photograph me in the
new gear, i'll upload the pictures.  then you can all see how
awesome insight is, not only for giving me a bunch of free
clothes, but for having a fresh california flavor that works on
both coasts.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


taking what dee hock said and applying it to my own life and,
more importantly, my closet.  


wow.  i don't even know how to summarize my time in dc in a
matter of two-three blog posts.  so much occurred, so many
friends were made, and so many stories must be told [i guess
filtering out the inappropriate ones makes this task easier].  

let's being with sightseeing, shall we?  lauren and i saved this
for the very last minute, and managed to arrive on sunday night
before sunset.  it ended up being the perfect time to see
the monuments and take pictures.  also, i would have never
forgiven myself if i went without doing at least one touristy

lincoln + washington monument + reflection pool+ small human =
cool pics and a good experience.  

Thursday, October 18, 2012


so i'm pretty sure that being deprived a trip to dc in eighth
grade has caused my middle-school-aged-enthusiasm for visiting
our nation's capital to emerge [as seen on my twitter].  i feel
like i did twelve years ago when i went to boston for the first
time [yes, i remember that feeling].  i'm in an unfamiliar city
and am completely enthralled about becoming acquainted with it.

with that being said, i'll be sure to act as touristy as
possible, bringing my camera wherever i go in order to document
every single second of my trip... starting with packing.  my rule
of thumb: you can never have too much denim, leather, or
neutrals.  also there's no such thing as over packing.  as long
as you can carry it, you're okay.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


not that kind of booty... get your mind out of the gutter! 

asos's sale has heightened my desire for a pair of good quality,
medium-heeled booties with their delectable styles + reduced
prices.  finding my top five was easy.  now the hard part:
which do i choose, and what piece of art do i sell in order to
afford my decision? 


Monday, October 15, 2012


i am way overdue for a new hairdo.  i mean wayyy overdue.  not
only does my hair break when the freaking wind blows, but there
is an extreme lack of dimension with my color.  basically, i want
ombre hair again.  these are probably the images i will bring to
the salon. theres so much beautiful hair out there...
i. want.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


this post goes out to three homies [both new and old] who are
doing great things online.  i highly recommend checking out the
sites they are repping.

1.  my tweetstakes gives you the opportunity to win free stuff by
simply logging in with your twitter account.  i mean, why
wouldn't you do this?

2.  rent the runway allows you to look absolutely fabulous in
couture gowns without sacrificing your entire paycheck.  i wish
my birthday was sooner so i had an excuse to use this incredible
resource.  new years eve, perhaps?

3.  swagnet has officially launched their online store.  they
have some one of a kind items that are all distinguishably cali
fresh.  also, spur of the moments will have some products on
there in the near future, so be sure to stay updated.

so yeah... shout out to you three; you know who you are...

Friday, October 12, 2012


those of you who used to frequent my apartment in college are
probably familiar with this snack.  one of my roommate's mom
introduced us to this recipe, and it immediately became one of
our [not so guilty] pleasures.  in other words; 
we ate it all the damn time.  


despite doubling as an art studio, my apartment remains tidy
[usually].  here are five simple organizing/cleaning tools that
will help you keep a neat home:

1.  use a magazine holder for your hair styling tools.  i drilled
mine into the wall next to my dresser, so my tools are hidden,
accessible, and easy to store.  i honestly don't know how i lived
without this.

2.  yes i am showing you a lint roller.  this bounty lint roller
is what keeps me from having white couch problems.  not only does
it pick up nasty hair/dirt/"who knows what?", but it lets off a
drier sheet scent that keeps my apartment smellin' fresh.

3.  paper organizers--cuz this girl's gotta organize her bills.

4.  boxes from ikea.  they look so nice on the outside, you would
never know that they're filled with junk.  seriously get these. 
it's a cheap and easy way to hide clutter.

5.  jars for the kitchen have made baking and cooking hassle free
[and have made my apartment that much cuter]. 

i can't believe what a difference these simple tricks have made
in maintaining my apartment.  go try them out for yourself and
see what you've been missing.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


as some of you who follow my twitter/facebook may already know,
this morning i woke up particularly early in order to start
filming my ombre jean tutorial.  and since pure adrenaline just
isn't enough these days, i began this process by brewing a
caffeinated drink.  "what else is new," you say?  oh, a lot.  i
made a chai tea latte instead of coffee and soy milk.  yeah
that's right.  i did it.  it was delicious and gave me a good
amount of energy to [at least attempt to] be productive.  

on an unrelated note, exciting things are happening at spur of
the moments... and i'll just leave you in suspense until that
post is ready.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


it seems like forever ago [sophomore year of high school] when i
purchased these chip and peppers.  it also seems like forever ago
when i decided to make them over.  alas they are complete.  the
process was simple, although it took a few tries.  

would you like a diy tutorial so you can make a pair just like
these?  one request and i  will gladly comply.  just holler in
the comments.


brainstorming is in the works for my next painting, and it's like
a freaking tropical rainforest up there.
more images to come.

Monday, October 8, 2012


my mission: 
to successfully juxtapose sweaters and skirts this fall.  

several images of street-wear have inspired me to diverge from my
archetypal legging+sheer-shirt duo.

vintage shopping. 

i think this may be possible for me... 
mission accepted.     


Saturday, October 6, 2012


...the less i blog, which is both a good and bad thing.  i'll
find a solution to this conflict eventually, but for now i'd like
to inform you that this painting i've been working on is turning
out sick.  after about four more hours of work and it will be
ready for its reveal.  then after another four hours of cleaning
my mess of an apartment i'll be able to show you my new
ombre jeans [yes i finally finished them].  happy saturday! 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


i'm sick of eating cereal for breakfast [or every meal, rather].
so this morning i went to the grocery store and bought whatever
my hungry heart desired, which at the time was [obviously] fruit
and yogurt.  the lemon juice/zest combined with the sweet yogurt
and fruit mimicked a tangy flavor that i immediately recognized
as something familiar--pinkberry froyo.  i guess you can take the
girl out of long island, but you can't take long island out of
the girl. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


i spent the majority of my day watching paint dry [while
listening to robyn], so i figured i might as well take a picture
while doing so.  art teaches me patience; i don't know if i'd
have any without it.  thank you, art, for making me a better
person.  i'll love you forever.

Monday, October 1, 2012


the little soiree i attended on friday [better known as the new
york film festival] was such a wonderful time.  whatever photos i
managed to take weren't the best quality, but i decided to share
them anyway.  here's how my night went:

1.  life of pi premiere at lincoln center
2.  director ang lee spoke before the film with main actor suraj sharma at his side.
3.  after party at the harvard club
4.  unlimited food, drink, and dessert [the most photogenic]
5.  took a lot of selfies [eek].  and this is bennett.
6.  lots of animal parts all over that place
7.  more pics of the harvard club
8.  i really don't know

anyway, go see life of pi when it hits theaters on november 21st. 
it was a great movie and you will all love it.


having the liberty to make business cards however i want is one
of those little things i love about my life.  i have enough to
give like... ten to every person i know, but for those of you who
i may not see in person, here is my card.  i took the liberty of
blurring out my phone number so you wouldn't be tempted to prank
call me... aren't i considerate?