Wednesday, September 19, 2012


what do you get when you take a fashion designer, add a
blogger/artist, and multiply that by the endless possibilities of  some pseudo-mathematical equations i've
regurgitated in the form of a photoshop jpeg, all which reflect
what i'd do if i had my hands on rebecca minkoff's spring/summer
and according to my calculations, if you pair any of
her light, airy garments with the latest fall trends, you'll
receive fashion love, which is all a girl could really ask for.

okay but seriously, i truly love minkoff's new line, and hope to
one day own at least one article from this collection.  
from one jew to another; 
mazel, rebecca.  you did good.

oh and p.s. this rebecca minkoff inspired post is for this
contest.  if you blog, i suggest you do it too!  if you don't
blog, then click here.

look #1: 

look #2:

look #3:


  1. too bad you and none of ur audience can afford

    1. The audience can be inspired! ;) just be creative;)