Sunday, September 9, 2012


i have finally accepted the fact that my feet were just not made
to wear flats.  after buying three [really freaking awesome]
varieties of leopard loafers in the past month, i've given up. 
they all destroyed my feet [yes, even the aerosoles].  i truly
don't even think it's the shoes that are faulty, it's my body...
so by all means, buy these shoes if you like them.

  i guess i'll just have to stick to boots and heels...
no complaints there.


  1. attempt -1: your nordstrom leopard flats

  2. wow yeah forgot about those... i really have horrible luck with shoes

  3. i can has these since i copped your first leopard flats. thanks.

  4. I think you need Sam Edelman's 'Petty' shoe in leopard print... the heel is short and sturdy enough that they're kind of in between flats and booties, and the backs are fitted to where you can slip your foot in without fully unzipping it, and they're strong enough to get destroyed after several times of doing that.
    I bruised my heel a while back and couldn't walk in flat shoes, and they were the only comfortable pair to wear for two whole weeks!

  5. Maybe you should try the Mel and Grendha flats! Works for me! :)