Saturday, September 29, 2012


oh good; i still know how to count after last night.  now that
that's been established, let me tell you that john frieda's "3
day straight" is actually a miracle product and actually works.  
just woke up.  
hair still straight.  
need a bagel now.  

Friday, September 28, 2012


so i went to topshop yesterday in search for a dress, only to
be reminded that it is one of my favorite stores...ever. 
seriously; i don't know why i don't go in more often.  everything
in here is fabulous, and with the existence of this store it is
virtually impossible for any human to have bad style.  if you
live in new york, go to the one in soho.  there's also one in
chicago... and in london... and online.  so no excuses people!
go shop topshop.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


whilst sifting through racks of clothing in soho i was informed
that the chicas don't wear gowns to this thing.  so i picked up
this badass, yet classic, little black dress from bebe [i know
right?] on broadway.  i'm not quite sure if this bag works, so i
may "have to" snatch one tomorrow from h+m or urban.  hopefully i
can snap some photos of my ensemble and other cool things
tomorrow at the event.  

ok i'm ready.


and where to buy it?  on friday night i'll be accompanying a
friend to the new york film festival [!]--an event that requires
me to look more put-together than normal and not like an
unemployed artist.  i haven't bought a dress that qualifies as
black tie since the bar mitzvah era, so, per usual, i am
researching where to gain a gown.  here i go...

1. topshop 
2. nordstrom 
3. shopbop 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


after a little snip snip, my belly button is exposed.  
i feel much better now.


apparently photographing one's meals from an aerial view is all
the rage right now... and since there just so happened to be
great natural lighting in my apartment right around the time i
ate breakfast, i figured i'd give it a try.  

i made two [perfectly cooked] eggs over easy, whole wheat toast
with butter an bonne maman blackberry preserves, and iced coffee
i'm considering doing a tutorial on how to cook the perfect egg,
because i've mastered it at this point... not trying to brag...
it's just true.

Monday, September 24, 2012


after more than a year digitally documenting my life, i think
i've finally figured out how to become the ultimate blogger--
isolate myself from all human contact.  i haven't had human
interaction for about seventeen hours now, and the posts are just
flyin' outta me. 

anyway, this sleepy time chamomile+organic throat coat combo is
all i need to put me to bed... and maybe some episodes of the real
housewives.  goodnight!


this shirt sucks.  why, you ask?  because it doesn't show my
belly button, and i'm just in one of those moods.  luckily i own
a pair of fabric scissors and have [some sort of] a vision.

i will take a better-quality picture tomorrow morning when this
shirt is worthy of being behind the lens of my t3i.


i think that last post left me winded.  it took me a freakishly
long time to develop and resulted in a temporary lapse of
blogging capabilities.  well good news; i've fully recovered from
this brain fart and just brewed a full pot of espresso.  so here
are nine things that i love [at the moment]:

1.  fairway's supreme brie and fresh baguette
2.  exploring brooklyn/gorgeous weather
3.  animal bones
4.  vintage portraits
5.  fall nail colors [specifically wicked by essie]
6.  cake decorating
7.  black gesso
8.  doggies
9.  big brows with smashbox's brow tech trio

this is my infatuation for today... who knows what i'll love

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


what do you get when you take a fashion designer, add a
blogger/artist, and multiply that by the endless possibilities of  some pseudo-mathematical equations i've
regurgitated in the form of a photoshop jpeg, all which reflect
what i'd do if i had my hands on rebecca minkoff's spring/summer
and according to my calculations, if you pair any of
her light, airy garments with the latest fall trends, you'll
receive fashion love, which is all a girl could really ask for.

okay but seriously, i truly love minkoff's new line, and hope to
one day own at least one article from this collection.  
from one jew to another; 
mazel, rebecca.  you did good.

oh and p.s. this rebecca minkoff inspired post is for this
contest.  if you blog, i suggest you do it too!  if you don't
blog, then click here.

look #1: 

look #2:

look #3:

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


the other day i was complaining to my mom [what else is new?]
about the condition of my dry, straw-like hair.  i probably would
have had a meltdown [it was just one of those days] had she not
suggested i use a warm, home-made olive oil treatment on my hair. 
i followed her steps [listed below], and now my love for olive
oil has gone to a-whole-nother level.  oh and thank you mom for
averting a potential crisis. 

step one:  pour about 1/4 cup olive oil into a bowl

step two: microwave for approx. 20 seconds

step three:  over your kitchen sink, pour olive oil over all
damaged parts of your hair

step four:  put on a shower cap and leave treatment on for about
30 minutes.  you can even put a warm towel on top of the cap to
keep the olive oil warm.

step five:  rinse out the oil.  i first rinsed it out over my
kitchen sink and then i showered to avoid having an oily bathtub.

step six:  love your shiny, soft, healthy hair.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


...and for the silver and for the bronze... all at the same time. 
the other night i was feeling pretty indecisive about which
accessories to wear, which led me to ornament my wrist with a
medley of metallics.  call this a major faux pas, but i think my
uncertainty resulted in a daring [and successful] look.  i guess
i'll be mixing metallics more often.

Friday, September 14, 2012


i baked... a lot.
if you live in the new york metropolitan area, 
please come eat my cupcakes!
[recipe is #25 from this website]

Thursday, September 13, 2012


looks like my spur might have a little competition with the
latest addition to my key ring.  i've had this vintage gucci
keychain for a while now, and i'm happy to finally use it.
don't worry spur; you're still my number one.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


it's amazing how one piece of furniture can make my apartment
feel so much more complete.  this nightstand [which i copped on
craigslist for thirty bucks] is the final piece of furniture i
needed to buy for the apartment, and fits right in.  i am ultra
satisfied with this purchase [and with the adventure that came
along with it].  i swear, it's the little things in life that
keep me happy.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


it is finally cool enough to wear fall clothing!  i'm completely
embracing this temperature drop by wearing my black leather
jacket, black faux suede leggings, and black leather boots.  am i
over-doing it?  yes.  am i concerned?  no.

now time to go to a cappella rehearsal... and my outfit is
fitting considering our group name is blackout

ps. please excuse the shitty picture... i'm in a rush and was too
ecstatic to not blog.

edit--better pic [because i'm being cocky]:


chicken. pot. pie.
three more words: made from scratch.
three more words: i'm in heaven.

i used ina garten's recipe as a guide, but tweaked it by pretty
much halving everything used [and still got 2 full pies].  i also
mashed up two boiled yukon golds into the sauce to add even more
deliciousness.  if you have any questions about how to make this
dish,  leave a comment/e-mail me/facebook me/text me/whatever and
i'll help you out!

alright... time to eat.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


i can't even put into words how wild my weekend was [wait... yes
i can].  i was given the amazing opportunity to work
for nasty gal's street team for new york fashion week.  i met
some awesome girls, got chauffeured around the city, saw gorgeous
runway fashions at lincoln center, and even got to enjoy
[experience, rather] fashion's night out.  i feel initiated into
the nasty gal team, even though it was only a weekend gig.  
go shop their site and see what nasty gal is all about.


i have finally accepted the fact that my feet were just not made
to wear flats.  after buying three [really freaking awesome]
varieties of leopard loafers in the past month, i've given up. 
they all destroyed my feet [yes, even the aerosoles].  i truly
don't even think it's the shoes that are faulty, it's my body...
so by all means, buy these shoes if you like them.

  i guess i'll just have to stick to boots and heels...
no complaints there.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


alas, my review for juil sandals is complete.  i've worn these
puppies for a consecutive week now, and i must say; they're
pretty fabulous.  they are extremely lightweight making them easy
to walk [hundreds of new york city blocks] in. their shape
and structure support my feet/arches, unlike ordinary flip flops.
also, there are these unique copper conductors on the heel and
toes of the sandal, which made me feel like i was receiving a
constant foot massage.  [it's quite the sensation, i
must say].  

on top of being totally comfortable, these shoes are super cute. 
their design is simple yet stylish.  they're even versatile
enough to wear to work [like i did today].

finally, juil is an amazing company for the fact that with every
pair of shoes purchased, they donate a pair through the program
soles 4 souls.  working directly with this organization makes
every purchase an charitable one, which i truly support.

overall i'm giving these sandals two thumbs up.
get a pair here, and experience what i'm talking about!


breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  so make
yourself this delicious [and fast] peanut butter, banana, and
brown sugar oatmeal, even if you're running late.


1/4 cup quick cooking oats
a little less than 1/2 cup water
pinch of salt
1 teaspoon brown sugar
1 teaspoon peanut butter
1 banana

1. put salt, water, and oats into bowl
2. microwave for approx. 2 minutes
3. stir peanut butter and brown sugar into oatmeal
4. slice banana and put it on top
5. enjoy what may taste like a 
banana muffin with peanut butter frosting...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


here is a compilation of photos and a concise list to summarize
my trip to atlantic city

1.  fudge
2.  arcade
3.  fake slots
4.  real slots
5.  more fudge

how was your labor day?