Friday, August 31, 2012


having a job that allows to me to schedule my own hours means i
get to spend the majority of my day wearing a cropped cat tee and
bright pink lipstick.  it also means that i can spontaneously
take off for the weekend and go to atlantic city.  

see you all after labor day weekend.  
hope yours is as labor-free as mine!

ps. this is the before photo of my soon-to-be ombre jeans

Thursday, August 30, 2012


i have recently [an hour ago] decided that i think i am allergic
to gluten.  i know what you're thinking... "alexandra, you
diagnose yourself with a new disease/sickness/allergy/whatever
every day."  while this may be true, i have finally decided to
think rationally about the whole thing by conducting an

1. formulate a hypothesis: i am allergic to gluten.
2. test with an experiment: make and eat a microwaved mug brownie
3.  analyze results and draw conclusions: i can do so in about an hour.

i'll let you all know the results of my experiment later.  for
now, i need to go buy some milk to wash this mug of decadence
down. hopefully i'm not lactose-intolerant... 


4 tablespoons flour
4 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons cocoa powder
dash of salt

2 tablespoons veggie/canola oil
2 tablespoons water

microwave for approximately one minute

eat it all up and love your life.



while i love immediately jotting down every idea i have into my
blackberry/planner, it can get pretty disordered pretty quickly. 
so organizing my thoughts via blogging helps keep me focused
while encouraging me to actualize every project i envision.  

with that being said, here are the blueprints for my next
venture.  hopefully i can use bleach to bring the life back into
a few pairs of scrappy old jeans 
[counter-intuitive, i know].

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


today was the perfect day for me to invite you all into my
[almost complete] studio.  there are still a few things i'd like
to get [like a side table for my bed, some vintage metal stools
for extra seating, extra pillows, and more accessories], but i
just couldn't resist photographing my apartment on this sunny
day... even if it's slightly incomplete.  

so feel free to take a look around and make yourself
comfortable.  well... not too comfortable...  
i need my alone time.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


stop reading my blog for two seconds and scroll down to the
bottom to see all of the new gadgets i've added!

follow me, mention me, e-mail me... whatever you want.
thanks for the support people.  you rock.


the generous team over at juil have gifted me a pair of their
innovative, good-for-the-mind-body-and-soul sandals.  and while i
am going to hold off my review of the product until i've worn
them for a day or two, i must say that i am already loving the
way they feel and look. thanks to good ole' midwestern folk i can
now trek around the big city in both style and comfort.

review coming up soon, but for now i gotta run! 
[well, walk actually].

Monday, August 27, 2012


living approximately six blocks away from the best grocery store
on the face of this earth [fairway] has influenced me to prepare
[almost] every meal at home, even if there's actually no cooking
involved.  for dinner i decided to make a honey turkey, brie, and
gourmet honey mustard sandwich on a fresh baguette.  i also made
a quick side salad with balsamic and olive oil to be healthy...
and then i got caramel cheesecake for dessert

oh and for lunch i made cucumber sandwiches because i wanted to
try that at least once in my life.  not sure if i enjoyed the
flavor or if i just enjoyed eating them because they are
adorable... hmm...

Thursday, August 23, 2012


just thought you should all know that i feel like beyonce in this
american apparel dress-turned shirt.  and now i'm going out with
some school friends at a local wisconsin bar.  if you stalk me
you could probably figure out where i'm going....  
...see you later?

oh and cheers to wisconsin welcome week [even though i am not
there]... what is everyone doing on this thirsty thursday?
comment below if you'd like some attention.


i hope everyone reading my blog right now is having as wonderful
of a day as i am rocking my vintage moschino smiley face purse
for the first time.  only in new york...
oh and also these pics are another sneak peak at my apartment...
it's still not ready though!  be patient, friends.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


...wear camouflage!  i know florals are all the rage right now,
but i'd prefer to rock a pattern very few people tend to choose.
and since i don't live in a forest, these camo pieces are the
perfect contenders in helping me stand out in this 
[fashion-mecca-of-a] city.

where to cop:
4. [for the 10-15 guys who read my blog]

Saturday, August 18, 2012


i have a busy day ahead of me with work [yes, i got a job, and
yes, i work on weekends], art making+hanging, and handy-woman
furniture-building activities.  in preparation for days like
today, i like to feel [and look] as good as possible.  so without
seeming completely superficial, i'd like to share some of the
products i use in my morning ritual in order to conquer the day.

i'm not sure if this qualifies as a product, but it's part of my
daily routine, so i figured i'd include it.  delicious coffee,
great buzz, and more economical than hitting up the coffee shop
every morning

honestly the best.  i use medium beige.  its yellow hue covers
dark, purple circles better than a more pink hue because yellow
and purple are opposite colors.  ooo color theory!

i use this all seasons.  it's essential.  if you have lighter
skin, try irresistiblement, and if you have darker skin, try

4. moon beam by benefit
if there's one item on this list that i'd recommend the most it
is this.  literally, my favorite make-up product ever purchased. 
it adds a slight glow to your cheek bones over, under, or sans
powder, avoiding a matte face.

the only lip treatment that works, from my experience.  this
keeps my lips smooth and shiny throughout the day.

let's do this.

Friday, August 17, 2012


moving to new york has been hectic, to say the least, but
everything is slowly coming together.  before going out in the
meatpacking district [this should be interesting] with two of my
best guy friends, i am attempting to curate my apartment.  here's
a little sneak peak at my abode and some of its wall hangings.  i
won't reveal the entire thing until it is complete... 
so hold tight!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


i am utterly disappointed with my timing.  my rag & bone
influenced painting was supposed to begin today, but after
glancing at the microscopic terms and conditions of the contest,
it looks like it had closed on august 10th.  boo rag & bone, boo.  

either way, i still love their clothing.  above are some pieces
that would have been incorporated into my art for their color,
texture, material, and badassness.

maybe these will subconsciously make their way into my next

and for those of you who like to shop:

Monday, August 13, 2012


the last time i blogged about rag & bone was back in april when i
was swooning over their perfectly tailored, perfectly designed
jean jacket.  and while i'd love to continue to express my love
for every-article-of-clothing-that-is rag & bone, today is not
about their designs, rather their ideas

after venturing into their soho location [that tends to happen to
me frequently], i came home to re-visit the store virtually.  a
few clicks led me to find this--the houston project. basically
rag & bone is choosing the artist who best interprets their logo
to display his/her work as a mural outside the houston

i am obviously going to participate in this challenge.  art
inspired by design? let's do this.

Friday, August 10, 2012


i spent my last meal in madison with four of my best friends
[katie, lauren, maeve, & sarah] at one of the best restaurants in
town, graze.  our meal was absolutely delicious; everything was
fresh, sophisticated, and healthy [ok not that last part]. 
here's what we ate devoured:

1. cheese curds
2. bibimbap
3. mussles
4. seared smoked tofu
5. potato gnocci
6. housemade fries with garlic aoli 


...a pretty sweet present from myself to myself.

i popped my doc marten cherry [too much?] the other week after
receiving these gems in the mail.  they feel a little roomy, so i
am going to try on a size smaller in soho tomorrow and possibly
exchange them.

oh yeah and i moved to new york... forgot to mention that one.


disclaimer: i am going to continue with my previous post as if i
didn't just take a two-week blogging vacation. 

remember that tease from july 25th? well, here is the finished
product.  juxtaposing abstracted interior design with found
images led me to create this contemporary visual collage. this
piece is marked with my signature animal skulls and pops of neon,
making it a true reflection of my artistic taste.  

and check out the sides: i painted them a neon coral in order to
create a mesmerizing glow around the edge of the wood canvas.

i truly love this piece and think it will fit in nicely
on the west coast [specifically in san francisco].