Wednesday, July 11, 2012


so i think it's safe to say that i am officially moving to the
upper east side on august 1st [exactly]!  with this whole moving
thing quickly approaching, i am obviously starting to brainstorm
ways to decorate my new living space.

just like my art, i am starting with a completely blank canvas
and using tons of photos as references in composing my
masterpiece.  i can't wait to play with different textures, a
neutral color palette, and fun accessories [on a budget].

time to get thrifty.


  1. You do not strike me as the thrifty type.

  2. oh, but i am... at least when i want to be. thanks for the comment nonetheless!

  3. hey alexandra - i stalk your blog.............

    whew it feels good to have that off my chest. cant wait to see what you do with your new place [so i can siphon your ideas]!

  4. love and miss you tom! i'll keep you updated on the decorating