Monday, June 25, 2012


what's a 22nd birthday without some nosh? 

[ahi tuna appetizer, coconut shrimp, grouper burger]

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  1. Gonna rank these dishes. (in order from good to best)

    3) Ahi Tuna Appetizer: Looks really spectacular. The wasabia says 'whatsabi???' and the tuna appears to be cooked to perfection. Perhaps the most technically intricate dish, it nevertheless leaves me wanting more.

    2) grouper sandwich: This dish looks absolutely amazing. The fries appear to be cooked to perfection and they are complemented by some ketchup (likely a name brand) and some yellow stuff. I really like the fry placement on this grouper dish and I am sure the fries were Delicious. excellent fry to grouper ratio here.

    1) Coconut Shrimp: No surprises here. the cococonut shrimp appear to be the best aspect of the meal. I love the green stuff that is on top of them and I wish I could have some of the shrimp. It looks like there are only three coconut shrimp. I hope there were Less than four people!

    1) Coconut shrimp
    2) grouper sandwich/burger (with fries)
    3) the tuna