Wednesday, June 27, 2012


since this is technically my last "vacation" in new york, and
since i am enjoying new york cuisine for pretty much every meal,
i've decided to rate the meals that are worth rating.

tuna tartar with guacamole and some delicious salmon pasta: 10/10


i have been apartment hunting all day in new york city and found
myself with way too many items for my tiny tory burch to handle,
which leads me to declare that 
every girl living in nyc must have a fabulous lightweight tote.

the totes above are a little too fabulous for my current budget
[i got a little carried away with the chanel], but you get the
idea, right?  on that note; canal street anyone?

1. salvatore ferragamo
2. vintage chanel
3. michael kors
4. furla

Monday, June 25, 2012

Saturday, June 23, 2012


my mom says that whenever i come home i "create chaos."  this may
be true, however, i am trying to be as efficient and neat as
possible so as to not mess up my mom's clean florida home.  

what's pictured above is all happening right now... at eleven
thirty at night.  sorry mama.


let me start off this post by saying, r.i.p. macbook pro... it's
been a great four years.  

the death of my first laptop has been tragic [not to mention a
crutch in my blogging]; but thankfully today my parents birthday
gifted me a macbook air [thank you parents]!

so with a big sigh of relief that i can now search the internet
on a two pound device, i give you pieces of inspiration i have
been using for my latest project [which will be for sale]. more
to come in a minute... hold tight!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


my birthday is in less than a week.  definitely celebrating in this.  
that's all.



before leaving town for over a week, i decided to give my
apartment a thorough clean. in the process, i googled how to
clean a sheep skin rug and was so happy with the results that i
had to share them.  all i did was brush my rug with a metal brush
and voilà, my rugs no longer have dreadlocks!  i highly recommend
this trick and suggest doing it more frequently than once a year

Monday, June 18, 2012


although it makes me physically uncomfortable to be wearing
leather leggings when it is 80 degrees outside, i couldn't help
but flaunt my latest purchase.  i've managed to find "damaged"
david lerner leggings without damaging my bank account--they were
80% off at bop.  worth it.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


when one sells things on ebay, this [^^^] is possible.  tomorrow,
i'll reveal what's in the bag. tonight, i'll be playing dress-up.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


besides for wanting an excuse to take and post pictures with my
new camera, i am making this post to announce that i will be
writing for my good friend ryan glick's blog, swagnet!  this
pretty much entails me sharing anything and everything i find
appealing [which, we all know, is lots of things].

ps. sorry in advanced, glick, for posting this picture of you. 


welcome to the spurofthemoments family, t3i.  let's play.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


while i made some great [and smart] purchases in chicago, my lack
of employment forced me to window shop...a lot.  and although
this felt like complete torture at the time, colorful eye-candy
made it worth the pain.  i'm suddenly craving a diy tie-dye

...[and possibly a pair of hand-made patriotic shorts].


the windy city satiated my craving for a spontaneous-midwest
mini-vacation while further driving my impulsive creativity. 
just spending time in a concrete jungle gave me an extra boost of
energy and tons of new ideas, all of which will be blogged about
shortly...just you wait.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


...on shopping.  since i'm going to chicago this weekend, i
figured i might as well do some research before entering the
messy discount stores of a legit city.  can't wait to dig around
for affordable versions of the items above!

Monday, June 4, 2012


went to jamerica on willy st. the other day with a few friends.
warning: the following photos may make your mouth water

appetizer: fried plaintains

entree: bbq tofu
dessert: key-lime pie


i've been a rather inactive blogger lately, i'll admit it.  but that's because i have been thoroughly enjoying summer [possibly too much].  luckily drinking and laying outside can get old pretty fast, so i'm back on my blogging grind!

first order of business; showing how i made my dyed and studded jean shorts [reference here], by request of the lovely meta tshiteya. good thing i photographed the process, otherwise this wouldn't be a picture book, and that would be no fun.


step one: purchase a pair of vintage jean shorts [or cut a pair of jeans you already own], and buy a black fabric dye at a local art supply shop.

here's the dye i bought


step two: follow the directions on the fabric dye bottle.  don't let the whole witch-cauldron-science-experiment thing intimidate's really not that difficult.

 step four: after dying your shorts, throw them in the wash to take off any excess dye.

step five: take a few stitches out of the back pocket in order to fold it over [i photographed this post-studding, but you get the idea].

step six: add your studs by poking them through the fabric and bending the facets with needle-nose pliers [no heavy machinery required].  oh also, you can buy studs here.

step seven: enjoy your new shorts!