Monday, April 30, 2012


one of my closest friends, synjin mrkvicka, is an art+art history major here at uw madison.  she's one of the most informed and passionate art historian chicks i know and has decided to take her interests to the next level by starting "untitled" self, a blog that interviews young artists.  i am honored to have been her first subject.  

please read here [and continue to do so].

Friday, April 27, 2012


i've been making headway on "mission make shirts i already own more interesting." just have a few more stitches to do by hand and then i'll be ready to hit the sewing machine.

other things i'm so into right now:

1. collaging.  this is part of that triptych i partially leaked earlier.  the full package will be premiering soon, just you wait!

2. chanel... in denim.  after finding this vintage chanel for sale at shopbop, the holy grail of purses has just become even more epic, in my book.  this bag makes such a statement that i'm completely speechless


3. ebay. i'm selling a few clothing items that i haven't worn for a while [or at all, for that matter].  check them out here.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


if you ever find yourself in the situation where your glasses have gone missing [ie: in either a florida or a new york airport/airplane], and you are in need of a new pair, use it as an opportunity to purchase a new, flattering accessory.  

i found these awesome ray bans at a local optometrist office.  their slight cat-eye shape and highlight along the top+inner rim make them especially unique.

call me "four eyes" all you want; i'm still going to rock these new specs daily.

hi, highlight

Monday, April 23, 2012


diagnosis: shlumpy-itis

medicinal dose: one pair of scissors, one sewing machine, and twenty studs twice daily for the next 5 days.  

being fashion-sick isn't too bad when you know exactly how to cure it.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


1. make this from something i already own:

2. make this from something i already own, scraps of 1, and
recently purchased studs:

 3. hit up a few inexpensive stores to recreate this:


oh the agenda of a blogger...


a rag and bone jean jacket, that is.  i've had my eye on this
sucker for quite some time and almost purchased it in new york
after that award-winning bloody mary.  it is one of the most
beautifully tailored denim jackets i've ever slipped into, and am
still considering treating myself...

...on that note, who needs art?

Friday, April 20, 2012


this week i had the incredible opportunity to interview [via e
mail] the queen of the cut out dress, ms. donna mizani.  i am a
huge fan of her designs [i wore one of her signature dresses for
my twenty-first], and now i am a huge fan of her personality!
donna is confident, focused, and sweet. take a look:

alexandra: tell me about yourself: how old are you? where are you
originally from? what is your educational background? where do
you live now?

donna: i'm 26 years old, and i currently live in la. i grew up on
the east coast and moved out here in 2004, right after high
school, to attend FIDM. my major was fashion design. i am bi
coastal and spend a lot of my time back and fourth to and from ny
and la.

alexandra: when did you decide/realize you wanted to become a
fashion designer?

donna: it was never really deciding, it was more of being born to
want this. before i was even capable of dressing myself, my mom
would catch me sneaking into her closet putting on her heels,
dresses and admiring her fashion taste. so, as i got older
clothing was always the only way that i was capable of expressing
myself, so why not make a career out of it? 

alexandra: how long does it generally take to design a clothing
item? what about an entire line?

donna: when it comes down to designing a new season, i usually
lock myself in my office for days at a time. i blast music and i
just get into the zone. it won't end until i am fully satisfied
with what i have come up with. i'm constantly inspired, designing
and coming up with new styles everyday. sometimes i can come up
with multiple styles in one day.

alexandra: who are some of your favorite designers?

donna: too many good ones out there to call one my favorite...
definitely anyone who falls in the risk-taker category. fashion
is all about taking risks and having confidence. creativity helps
too :)

alexandra: what influences you the most when creating your

donna: a lot of art definitely influences me. whether it's a
painting or photography. anything that can catch my eye and
inspire me is definitely a big influence.

alexandra: how would you define your personal style?

donna: depending on where i'm going, my personal style would be
defined as cool and casual with a splash of edge... i love
dressing up, and love dressing down.
day to day i'm wearing loose fitted harem pants, leggings, or
jean shorts with a light weight drape-y burnout t and some type
of fitted jacket/blazer. i'm obsessed with button down shirts!! i
think i own a button down shirt in every color. i also love
dressing up; obviously i am known for my dresses! my go-to going
out look will always be a little black dress designed by yours

alexandra: how would you define the style your line exemplifies?

donna: the style that my line exemplifies would be sophisticated
yet sexy mixed with a flirty sensibility. i'm definitely known
for putting the cut out dress on the map, but what i think is so
great about my line is that it offers so much more and caters to
so many different types of women with different kinds of style.

alexandra: three words that describe you as a designer:

donna: risk-taker, confident, ambitious

my donna mizani dress
my favorite dress*

thank you, donna for your time and your artistic contributions to
this world.  keep doin' what you do!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


here are some snippets of a triptych i am currently working on.
once again, being able to express myself through art is such a

what's also a relief is that, after video chatting with my
awesome ta, jennifer, i now know that i can write my last essay
in college about african art.  i never thought i'd be so excited
to write a paper.

off topic but, you can purchase a pair of earrings i neon'd here.


the thought of espresso blend with vanilla soy-milk was
surprisingly not enough motivation to get me out of bed on this
rainy day.  six lipstick options, on the other hand, were.  

this lush, gunmetal gray shirt from tobi is the ideal neutral for
pairing with literally any lip color--from light pink to deep
purple and everything in between.  decisions, decisions...

1. nars, turkish delight
2. covergirl, temptress charmeuse
3. lancome, posh pink [matte]
4. revlon, kiss me coral
5. n.y.c., retro red
6. revlon, grape [courtesy of maya zinn]

option 6=success


this is what i carried my lunch in today:


and this is what i wish i carried my lunch in everyday

thank you, cast of vices, for being exceptionally witty with your
designs.  and thank you to whoever feels generous enough to buy
me one of these bags. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


after analyzing my life, my artistic style, and my relationship
with my art, i decided that i wanted to create a surface i can
interact with directly.  seeing a distorted version of myself
while my painting stares back at me is such a wonderful
experience...  i can't wait to share this with other viewers.

on a less serious note, this video teaser is giving me bieber
fever. [judge me, i don't care].

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


seven hour work day... no complaints

art is the only constant in my life.  our romance is eternal.  i
love you, art, and i can't wait to finish you, painting. 

Monday, April 16, 2012


...because why not?


stairway to...

photos by cara hunt

cara and i took a trip to the historical society this morning,
not to study, but to get some great indoor lighting.  the ceiling
of windows were perfect in capturing my new vibrant jewelry, and
the atmosphere was great for mine and caras first photoshoot for
the blog... i see lots of great things in the future!

hooked on neon