Friday, March 2, 2012


it's almost embarrassing how long it's been since i've blogged,
but allow myself to explain...myself. [austin powers anyone?]

my iphoto broke one august afternoon. i got it fixed over winter
break. during that time, i forgot about my blog.

now i'm back and more excited than ever! it isn't even 10pm and
i've already taken nyquil so i can a) knock this sore throat b)
get a good night's sleep and c) have an extremely productive
[artistic] day tomorrow.

art photos comin' up, but for now here is what my side table
looks like:

vanilla candle, brita waterbottle [essential], favorite book, and
twig taken from a random tree for feng shui. its vase is a happy
accident from a glassblowing friend named peter... thanks bud!

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