Friday, March 30, 2012



shabbat shalom

stacks on stacks
vintage movie poster
picasso prints? yes please.

senior year spring break, and i'm spending [part of it] at my
parents' house.  however, i'm not complaining because they moved
to florida [hell yeah].  it's interesting being in a new house
and great having the beach only ten minutes away.  

time to be a good jewish girl and light the candles...

Sunday, March 18, 2012


according to the weather [and my work ethic for that matter], it
is summertime.  so of course, i've taken advantage of this
gorgeous weather by spending most of my time outside, hence my
lack of blogging.  here's a quick summary of my latest endeavors
via photographs:

i sunbathed...
...while my friends drew me [synjin]...
...and took pictures of me [rebecca].
i watched flowers bloom...
...and i started a new painting.

this week's forecast includes lightning, showers, and me spending
all of my time indoors [sigh].  i'll do some art/projects and
blog about them so i can at least stay sunny on the inside...

Monday, March 12, 2012


i'm feeling extra militaristic these past few days ever since i
added two new pairs of combat boots to my wardrobe.  both are
steve madden--i scored the tan ones on ebay for thiry bucks
[still can't get over it], and i ordered the black ones from macys on sale. 

it's nice marching to class with happy feet and a happy wallet.


it's almost two a.m., and i decided to bake a single cupcake
the recipe technically makes two, however i messed it up [not on
my baking a-game tonight].  even though i completely butchered
the recipe, it turned out alright since i ended up making the
perfect portion; one for me, myself, and i.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


definitely not complaining about this night--i'm spending it
bonding with my new [simpler] bedspread, pinterest, and the food
network.  sorry, can't talk... watching cupcake wars.

Friday, March 9, 2012



my bed desperately needed an upgrade from the lame tapestry and
stained pillows i've had since freshman year.  this led me on a
journey to tj maxx with long-time friend, katie.  the pickings
were slim, but i did my best to improvise.

i found this decorative pillow, however it looked too mechanical
for me, so i upgraded it with gesso, acrylic paint, and bleach

toxic? maybeworth it? yes.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


sixteen dollars and less than an hour of labor later, it's
complete.  and now i'm wearing a denim vest for no reason around
my apartment while wearing pajamas. what? it's comfortable...


step 1: get a used denim jacket
step 2: cut it up
step 3: sew it back together
step 4: sew it with a sewing machine

my apologies for the extremely non-descriptive pictures+captions;
allow me to elaborate [vaguely]. the jacket i bought was about
three sizes too big, so after cutting the sleeves off [about an
inch from the seam], i had to take in the jacket on the sides.  i
just eyeballed the measurements and it magically worked.

the final step is to give that nasty old thang a good wash, not
only to rid the item of its vintage stench, but to create those
classic frayed sleeves.  my creation is the drier now... oh the

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


give me your vest, please

haru distressed denim vest from

i've been wanting a distressed denim vest for quite some time
now, however i was unwilling to pay seventy bucks+ for the goods
[i love you yesstyle, but no]. 

so today, ellyse, synjin and i ventured to vintage emporium [aka
sh*t store] to purchase some used items.  i got a levi's jacket
for under twenty and have already performed fashion surgery.
finished product will be displayed tomorrow.

Monday, March 5, 2012


it might be hard to believe, but i don't just paint skulls
*cough* brandon.  materials: [found paper, gesso, acrylic, gloss
medium, micron pen, and pencil on wood panel]. dimensions: three
feet x four feet.  inspiration: none of your business!


finally hung my paintings in the gallery tonight; and by gallery
i mean a cluttered classroom in humanities.  the dirty walls and
random objects add character, don't you think?

Sunday, March 4, 2012


acrylic and gesso on handmade paper

just made these four quaint paintings. still have one tiny one to
do. tomorrow they will be installed in vintage frames to
compliment my previous painting. 

hopefully my vision will be a success as a whole.


i'm about three minutes from slipping into a diabetic coma*. 
why? because synjin came over and we decided to make vegan puppy
chow and blueberry scones with a lemon glaze.  seriously, come
over and help eat these.

*thanks sarah

Saturday, March 3, 2012


i pretty much accomplished nothing in the studio, mainly because
of post-nyquil drowsiness [my plan didn't quite work out]
combined with the fact that my internet was working on my laptop
for once. i brought home my supplies so i can work on an
installation piece all night in the comfort of my own apartment.
here's a painting that will be part of the finished product. 


while shopping for vintage picture frames for an art project the
other day, i found a nice mirror number.  i spray painted the
frame white and voilĂ  , a classy vanity tray for under ten bucks.  

Friday, March 2, 2012


yes, this is a real thing. this vintage moschino purse is purely
iconic and god's gift to my closet. never thought i'd own an
artifact of pop culture, but i'm sure glad i do!


it's almost embarrassing how long it's been since i've blogged,
but allow myself to explain...myself. [austin powers anyone?]

my iphoto broke one august afternoon. i got it fixed over winter
break. during that time, i forgot about my blog.

now i'm back and more excited than ever! it isn't even 10pm and
i've already taken nyquil so i can a) knock this sore throat b)
get a good night's sleep and c) have an extremely productive
[artistic] day tomorrow.

art photos comin' up, but for now here is what my side table
looks like:

vanilla candle, brita waterbottle [essential], favorite book, and
twig taken from a random tree for feng shui. its vase is a happy
accident from a glassblowing friend named peter... thanks bud!