Saturday, July 9, 2011


this is so difficult/awkward to begin blogging, but here i go.
i'm exploring all options of creativity at this point in my life,
and from the 5 minutes i've spent giving birth to my new form of
expression, i can tell this will be enjoyable.

if you don't know me, my name is alexandra.  this first post will
be my longest, although i will not give everything away about
myself all at once.  today my boyfriend suggested i begin
blogging, pretty much because i'm an artist/designer, and i like
to talk a lot. he explained that it is a way of documenting one's
life and "having something tangible to look at" later on.

being jobless [intentionally] and living a summer of pure
creativity, i figured that blogging would just make sense. i will
document the little [or big] moments in my life that in the
future i might want to relive.

the title of my blog came to me after that conversation with said
boyfriend while i was laying in bed fiddling with my keys.  i
carry them on a spur key chain...dingdingding! 

i have no idea where i got this key chain; all i know is i've had
it since before i can remember and used to flaunt it on a coach
purse in middle school.  now it is an occupier of my restless
hands as i walk to class [or anywhere, for that matter].  it's
sometimes refreshing to not have a blackberry glued to my palm. 

so my decision was very spur of the moment, i'm documenting
moments, and i have a spur key chain. get it? good.

on that note, let the blogging begin.

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