Sunday, July 10, 2011


milwaukee, wi

i may be overusing blogging as an alternative to updating my
facebook status/pix.  however, it is making me become more aware
of the world around me and escalating my levels of creativity
both in blogging and in other fields.  

animal skulls in general are one inspiration for lots of my art
[aka they are my obsession].  a new project is in the works, with
a deer skull being the focus.  until that is ready to blog about,
just look at the skull and see. the. beauty. i. see.


  1. SotM,

    I really liked this blog post about animal skulls. it really reminded me of an animal skull (panda) I myself once had hanging in my room. I totally agree that a well placed skull can motivate and inspire!

    anyways, thanks for spurring such nostalgia

    ps. which forests do the best deer skulls come from? does it matter?

  2. i will respond to this in person because you have stumped me