Thursday, July 14, 2011


shirt: forever 21 shorts: grey antics 

while i love fashion, i am the first to say that i am not an
expert.  nor will i turn this into a fashion blog to compete with
other bloggers who are absolutely fluent in the fashion language. 

however i will still show things i love about my clothing [on occasion].

let me preface the description of my outfit by saying, these are
not gym shorts, even though 3 people have mistaken them as such.
they are what i like to call my new retro booty shorts, and i
will rock them with crop tops, sheer shirts, and the recycled st.
paddy's day number pictured above. 

*notice reality of my messy room

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

after a long, tedious hunt [pun intended] for cheap replica deer
skulls, i have finally gotten my hands on a real beauty.  next
step is to cover it in 2.2mm swarovski crystals...

what have i gotten myself into?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


"dead forever" alexandra machover 2011
"gate of prison" alexandra machover 2011

last night left me in a miserable drought where all i wanted was
some thirst-quenching stimuli.  so with little-to-no sleep [once
again], i woke up feeling like i needed a little 8AM pickmeup.  

i decided to study, a little more closely, 2 narratives i made in
stonehouse's intermediate drawing class [images above].  lo and
behold they motivated me to create another one today.

now to find vintage national geographic magazines...

Sunday, July 10, 2011


milwaukee, wi

i may be overusing blogging as an alternative to updating my
facebook status/pix.  however, it is making me become more aware
of the world around me and escalating my levels of creativity
both in blogging and in other fields.  

animal skulls in general are one inspiration for lots of my art
[aka they are my obsession].  a new project is in the works, with
a deer skull being the focus.  until that is ready to blog about,
just look at the skull and see. the. beauty. i. see.


dj boyf
paddy and tomas

grateful red

time with old friends was wonderful.  i told them i'd name brandon, luke, hannah, and random alan who i just met.

after they all bailed i stopped by boyfriend's apartment for a
pregame.  he impressed me, once again, with his amazing dj'ing
skills [hence the photographs].  a few heinekens later we
ventured to state street brats for some more legal drinking!
i love being 21.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


my night was supposed to end with some bonding time with fellow
artist friend maria, but we decided that coffee tomorrow would be
better.  now i'm getting ready with a glass of wine and laidback
luke radio...

about to reconnect with some old friends [from freshman year


big mac and fries, if you were wondering

i haven't cooked for about 2 months... partially because i'm a
lazy college student without a dishwasher and partially because i
had a tonsillectomy and could only eat soft foods for a very long
time.  but after a mcdonalds run with boyfriend [i did not eat
that], followed by an hour long grocery shop, i was suddenly
motivated to express my culinary-self. ultimately, i cooked up a
mean chicken parmesan+caesar salad

it was delicious.  both the boyfriend and i licked our plates
clean.  oh and he helped ladle the sauce on. 


just thought you should all know that this deodorant smells like
trident for kids. if you don't know what that smells like then go
smell this deodorant.
also i'm addicted to blogging.


circa 1993

my mom is my first follower.  here is my homage to her.  thanks
mom! let dad know that if he follows me i will also add a picture
of him from the early 90s.


crappy blinds=crappy sleep

so instead of going to sleep at midnight like i had originally
intended, i stayed up until 2:30 teaching myself how to bucky, i
mean blog. then i stayed up for about another hour thinking of
all the things i want to blog about. then i slept. then my bare
windows shone the bright white lights of summer at 9am on my
sleep deprived face.

must. make. curtains. 


i have just recently [2 days ago] switched rooms with my
roommate.  i bought a vintage dresser+mirror for 40 bucks and a
side table for 8.  they were janky and tacky but after a few
coats of some glossy white they look good as new.  oh yeah i also
bought 2 sheepskin rugs on ebay, since there are no ikeas in the state of wisconsin.

tomorrow i will go to target to buy a vanity tray and classy
jewelry box to match my fancy new dresser-mirror hybrid.  and
i'll probs hit up urban for some hip pillows. 
i am currently enjoying my new sanctuary.


this is so difficult/awkward to begin blogging, but here i go.
i'm exploring all options of creativity at this point in my life,
and from the 5 minutes i've spent giving birth to my new form of
expression, i can tell this will be enjoyable.

if you don't know me, my name is alexandra.  this first post will
be my longest, although i will not give everything away about
myself all at once.  today my boyfriend suggested i begin
blogging, pretty much because i'm an artist/designer, and i like
to talk a lot. he explained that it is a way of documenting one's
life and "having something tangible to look at" later on.

being jobless [intentionally] and living a summer of pure
creativity, i figured that blogging would just make sense. i will
document the little [or big] moments in my life that in the
future i might want to relive.

the title of my blog came to me after that conversation with said
boyfriend while i was laying in bed fiddling with my keys.  i
carry them on a spur key chain...dingdingding! 

i have no idea where i got this key chain; all i know is i've had
it since before i can remember and used to flaunt it on a coach
purse in middle school.  now it is an occupier of my restless
hands as i walk to class [or anywhere, for that matter].  it's
sometimes refreshing to not have a blackberry glued to my palm. 

so my decision was very spur of the moment, i'm documenting
moments, and i have a spur key chain. get it? good.

on that note, let the blogging begin.